What is a Private Cloud?

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For many companies, the private cloud is the first choice when it comes to reasoning processing. Private reasoning processing offers a components and system atmosphere that is devoted completely to the business. Whether provided through a organised personal reasoning or inner personal reasoning, there is an guarantee that the components, information storage and system protection are devoted to a single company and not distributed to other users. When it comes to highly delicate corporate information, personal customer details, PCI or HIPAA qualified surroundings, the personal reasoning is recommended.

At the same time, companies are acknowledging the benefit of the community reasoning for some of their programs. Many small and mid-size companies need the quality of an business personal reasoning in terms of great accessibility, redundancy and protection with the budget of a distributed reasoning. Enterprises need the ability to move non-critical, non-sensitive processing and growth work out of their personal reasoning into a distributed reasoning but need to achieve a similar stage of accessibility and protection.

There are a number of community reasoning options available. Some like Amazon’s EC2 are basic reasoning web servers developed to offer processing services for non-critical programs like web or growth web servers. Others are developed to offer the great accessibility and protection that companies require in their personal atmosphere. The later, we call a Exclusive Private Cloud.
Wikipedia describes a Exclusive Private Cloud as “a personal reasoning current in a distributed or community cloud”.

To increase on that, we consider a Exclusive Private Cloud as one or more reasoning web servers in a distributed atmosphere that offer the same stage of information protection and system protection as a devoted personal reasoning. The virtual personal reasoning can sit on same VLAN with a devoted personal reasoning and handled web servers to offer a completely incorporated system.

In addition, by linking an online personal reasoning into a organised private cloud on a devoted VLAN behind a devoted firewall program, the virtual personal reasoning provides a remarkable stage of versatility and expandability beyond the personal cloud’s devoted components, without limiting the information reliability or system protection of the personal cloud.


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