Top Five Cloud Computing Providers

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Here is a record of the Top Five Cloud Computing Providers. The key factors used for evaluating these cloud systems include when the systems were presented, support for various managing systems/languages, present adopting levels of the systems and the overall prospective of the system. A good knowing of the key cloud computing systems is crucial to comprehend the present state of cloud computing and the overall route of the market. This in turn is very useful while making a choice for an appropriate cloud computing system. Please read the following content Comparing SaaS, PaaS and IaaS to comprehend some of the language used here.

Google created a delayed access into the Reasoning Processing company with two solutions, Search engines Programs which mainly objectives the SaaS area and the Search engines App Motor which provides a PaaS design for companies and individuals to set up their Web Programs. They have easily created a indicate with both the systems and have created important growth in the overall cloud computing market.

Google Programs has 1 thousand clients and an estimated income of $50 million
Google App Motor does not have any figures openly available, since the paid edition released a year returning they may need some more time before we get a sense of the adopting.

Clearly the innovator in the market in Reasoning Processing and mainly a IaaS source.EC2 and S3 are the two most popular solutions available as aspect of Amazon Web Services. They also have the most wide range of solutions available as aspect of their cloud system.

There are signs that Amazon may have a complete of 1.8 thousand implemented circumstances and displaying 10% overall growth in deployments
Indications are they had a complete income of 220 thousand USD income from their Reasoning business
There are around 100,000 clients using Amazon Web Services


Microsoft was the last major gamer to start the market and as predicted released a system Pink depending on their Windows/Azure collection. While they have ongoing to declare that Pink is not linked with .NET, the anticipations is the system will see most adopting from Ms stores with a concentrate on .NET and Microsoft windows centered technology and systems.

Indications are that around 10,000 clients have shifted to Azure
Since the release has been less than 6 months returning its a little early to track adopting.
We position it great due to the great prospective of the system and limited incorporation with Ms centered growth systems. was one of the first Reasoning Processing organizations to get installation with a particular concentrate on CRM and operated as a SaaS first started in 1999 and has expanded considerably from its initial release with a ongoing concentrate on CRM. was released in 2007 as a customized database incorporation system as an access into the PaaS market but has not been able to produce a important market due its exclusive system. Given the particular characteristics of the system Amazon and Rackspace have been rated greater in this record even though Sales staff has a greater income.

Total of 55,000 business clients and 1.5 thousand individual members.
Total income of $1.3 billion dollars for 2009

Rackspace which has long been one of the biggest gamers in the handled web host market easily modified itself into a very effective Reasoning Processing company mainly as an IaaS company. They have two key solutions Reasoning Web servers and Reasoning Information which are the comparative of EC2 and S3 from Amazon.

Indicating 100% growth in Reasoning Earnings from 2008 to 2009
Added around 40,000 new clients in the last 4 quarters
Cloud Revenue has been 56 thousand USD in 2009


Amazon and Rackspace continue to be the key gamers in Reasoning Processing with a key concentrate on IaaS as the primary service they provide. Given the primary skills of these organizations it is unlikely that they will project into other factors of the Reasoning and they are unlikely to provide SaaS or PaaS solutions in the near future. It is extremely likely that all growth in the IaaS section of Reasoning Processing will be allocated between these two organizations. Ms and Search engines are likely to be key gamers in the PaaS area clearly segmented between .NET and Coffee applications. Sales staff on the other hand is likely to stay a gamer targeted simply on the CRM market and mainly as a SaaS company.


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