Largest Cloud Computing Companies

Cloud computing is one of the hottest tech topics that is found in discussion today. In the past two years many big companies have launched their private cloud computing services. Here is the list of some of the largest cloud computing companies.


verizon cloud

Verizon has made a deal of $1.8 billion with Terremark and has acquired cloud computing. This is one of the biggest deal ever made in the history of cloud computing.


amazon cloud drive backup

Amazon is one the top and the largest companies in the cloud computing service providers. It has amazed the world by providing some of the best strategies and cloud computing pack. It is also one of the lowest priced cloud computing service providers.


vmware cloud

The name of VMware has been found in the cloud computing market since long time. It is largely because of the vCloud software that it offers. This software is used to build cloud. This has made VMware a renowned company in the cloud computing industry. But lately it can be seen that it has also started offering cloud computing services this year to many of the customers.


Google has always been one of the favorites and popular among the tech industry. It has always been well known for its contribution in the tech world. It is known for its Google App Engine. Google Drive, Google Cloud Connect and Google Cloud Print are few of its Apps that are much valuable to the users. Google storage is set to run on clouds which make it brilliantly outstanding.

It already holds a strong position in the cloud market. It is one of the successful enterprises and has marked its position in a well manner. It has gained acquisition of Heroku at $212 million.


Rackspace is well known for its open source cloud market. It provides cloud services which it calls as OpenStack. It successfully produced its software to offer cloud services, while collaborating with NASA. It has also largely made improvement in the Openstack.


Linode has made its stand as one of the largest cloud computing companies. It is one of those companies that offer fixed cost for cloud computing and build cloud on VPS. Thus it is by itself much differentiated from the other pay as you use cloud computing service providers.


Citrix has gained its market position as one of the best in the cloud service providers. Citrix also offers software to for building cloud. It acquired which gave it a stand in the open source cloud market.

Red Hat

It is found that it is largely in news because it has been using Amazons AWS. But yet, it has gained popularity as it is much preferred by the Linux users.


Microsoft is also a well known company offering Azure, which is its cloud platform. What is different here is that it provides services for videos. Microsoft is gaining market to a larger extent.

These are some of the largest companies that have captured the cloud market due to their outstanding services.


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